About the Artist


Deborah Neuhs, Teaching Artist

Deborah Neuhs is a teaching artist who lives in Waxhaw, NC where she teaches art and music to children grades k-12 through her business Beautifully Made, LLC and weaves custom textiles for interior designers with Aboutcolor Home, LLC.  Deborah has been weaving since 1994 and loves the balance of pursuing her work as an artist and sharing that love of art with others through teaching.  She also enjoys teaching piano and playing in her church.  Deborah sees the ultimate goal of her art, music and teaching as a way to use her gifts to help enrich the lives of others and to bring glory and honor to God.

Since 2001 Deborah Neuhs has owned and operated Beautifully Made, LLC (formerly Handcrafted Art)  where she works as a teaching artists throughout Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.  She teaches private and group art classes to elementary, middle and high school students and teaches on a contract basis with public, private and charter schools, libraries, the Mint Museum of Art, Matthew’s Community Farmer’s Market and community centers.  She worked as the resident artist at Park Road Montessori from 2000 to 2002, founded and ran the Charlotte Fiber Guild from 2000 to 2002 and is currently president of a non profit, The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art, Inc. 501(c)(3).  Giving back is an important part of Beautifully Made's mission and the Foundation gives Deborah the opportunity to share her gifts with others who many not otherwise have art classes.

In addition to teaching, Deborah has been weaving custom textiles for interior designers with Aboutcolor, LLC since 2002.  She weaves trims that are used to embellish interior fabrics and furniture. In 2018 she purchased the company and updated the name to Aboutcolor Home to reflect the companies vision for making beautiful ornaments for the beautification of homes and betterment of those who dwell in them.