Art and Studio safety

I consider studio safety very important for your children.  I am striving to provide the safest and healthiest possible environment for your children to lean in and educate them how to work responsibly with art materials.  I want to work alongside parents to stay informed and participate together in keeping our children safe. 

The enclosed document will give you information on various art materials, their potential hazards, and how to work them safely. 

Art and health safety is a continually evolving field. As I grow and learn more, I will share that information with my students and their families. 

Arts and Craft Safety Guide

The Arts and Craft Safety Guide was written by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It is a wonderful resource for general art studio safety and more detailed information about specific art materials. It is one of many documents I reference when working in the studio. 

I also recommend visiting CERF+. It is a website established to educate, support and protect artist's safety.